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So the big news is that we’ve announced our Spanish tour for September and October – and it’s looking pretty class!
We’re starting off in Lanzarote and travelling all over until we hit Cádiz, stopping at amazing venues like Razzmatazz and the Joy Eslava and many more along the way. Every since we’ve been going to Spain, and going to other gigs apart from our own, we’ve had venues that we wanted to play in, we’re lucky enough to have played in some already, and we can add the Joy Eslava, Madrid to that. It is a peach of a spot.

Joy-Eslava Marzo 2013Salida_de_Razzmatazz

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to bring Night Becomes Light to Spain, so we’ll just tell you we’ll see you there! you can get your tickets here: [entradas].

Here are the dates:delorentos-spain-poster
25/09 ARRECIFE (LANZAROTE). Festival Arrecife en Vivo.
26/09 LÉREZ, PONTEVEDRA. Festival Surfing The Lérez
27/09 BURGOS. Festival Tribu.
01/10 TARRAGONA. Festival Radar Palmfest.
02/10 BARCELONA. Razzmatazz.
03/10 DONOSTIA (GIPUZKOA). Festival Donostikluba.
07/10 MADRID. Joy Eslava (SON Estrella Galicia)
08/10 GRANADA. Sala Planta Baja.
09/10 SEVILLA. Sala X.
10/10 EL PUERTO DE SANTA MARÍA (CÁDIZ). Festival Monkey Week.

We’ve got loads more stuff to announce soon at home, so we’re going to be busy. In the meantime we’ve released Everybody Else Gets Wet as a single, and our friend, the mighty Kevin Lynch – has made a quirky lyric video to go along with it – check it out:

Finally we’re back from some pretty fantastic trips to Canada and Spain, It rained like a bastard in Spain at the deadly Arenal Sound festival and It was too hot to think in Toronto at the TO Beer Festival, so we had the best of both worlds!

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Hopefully you’re having a great summer, and we’ll see you soon…

Remember, If you’re looking for awesome VINYL version of Night Becomes Light, they have it in Tower Records, Dublin! [Tower Vinyl]

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Delos x


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It’s the middle of June, which means Night Becomes Light is almost 8 months old. Like all 8-month-olds’ this means it’s starting to move a bit more, making itself heard a bit more, as well as keeping pretty ridiculous hours. We’re still proud! Aside from the baby analogies, We’re having a busy summer – as well as playing up and down the country and abroad we’ve got some very cool stuff this weekend – Leopardstown Live in Dublin, InisFest in Ennis, plus Groove fest in Bray the following weekend…. all tickets here:

(*update : Killarney Fest just got cancelled! We’ll be down soon Kerry folks..)

CH26fnWUsAUPxw8inis fest square logo63 killarney-2015

It’s also 1 month til we play Spain’s biggest festival Arenal Sound! Holy Crap – great lineup, including Ross’s personal favourites The Ting Tings. Cannot wait.

images download as_cartelTwo exciting bits of news for you:
We’re going to release Everybody Else Gets Wet as our next single! Here’s a sneak peak at the artwork and everything. Awesome. Thats Bolands Mills in Dublin, previously part of the 1916 rising, and now probably part of the Google nuclear program. Thats us looking wistfully at it. Ask you favourite DJ to play it! Or just get the album… :)

FullSizeRender (1)

$_35Finally, we’re pretty excited to tell you we’re off to Canada to do loads of exciting stuff, including the famous Toronto Festival of Music and Beer at the end of July! Tell your North American friends! We’ve some more deadly stuff to come in our next blog in two weeks, including new tours, tv, and special stuff – keep an eye out!

We’ll leave you with this, an acoustic version of Show me Love recorded in Murcia, Spain for the C’Mon Murcia site, and our first NBL acoustic session (we’ve loads more to come):

Thank you for reading and see you soon…
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