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Hiya, Good news from us…

Firstly we have to tell you we’ve announced two of our biggest ever regional Irish shows: The Savoy, Cork on the 18th April & Seapoint Ballroom, Galway, April 25th! Tickets on sale shortly – we’re very excited for these special shows- They’re going to be great! tickets from

choicemusic‘Show me Love’ has been nominated for Song of the Year by the Meteor Choice Music Prize, which is very cool. Rob Kirwan really helped that song explode to life, and its been played loads on daytime radio in Ireland (a rarity for us).

The single was the first time we worked with a Spanish video Director called Antoni Sendra (who We Cut Corners introduced us to). I remember being in Munich when we saw the first cut, and it just BLEW us away. Aaaaaanyway, you can check out all the songs nominated (and us), if you vote you get a chance to win tickets to the event, which is also cool: (click here!)

We are SO EXCITED to be announced as part of Arenal Sound’s line up in 2015 along with Rudimental, Ok Go, La Roux, Vitalic and LOADS more. Spain has been a fantasy world for us, where gigs have been amazing –full of enthusiastic and supportive people, and where we’ve experienced something truly different. You can check it out here ::

Its going to be incredible, and it looks like this:


delorentos_itunes_FTN-2This week we premiered our new video, Forget the Numbers, which was again shot in Valencia by the genius that is Antoni Sendra. Antoni has been fantastic to work with again, full of great ideas and his work always surprises and amazes us. We are Europeans, and often we forget that means we can work with talented people from all over the EU. We really feel lucky to have met Antoni and are really proud of his work.

It’s really hard to get a completely different sensibility in a music video, but Antoni did it. You can check it out here, we hope you like it:

Finally we’re proud to announce that Universal Spain are the first place outside of Ireland to release the Album of the year nominated ‘Night Becomes Light’.

delorentos-spainSpain has been the source of some of our best memories, not just as a band, but as people. We always get excited coming over, and we can’t wait to be back on tour soon. It’s a country filled with cities that are stuffed with life, and rolling countryside that is unlike anything we are normally exposed to.

We always try to do something different for every new country we go to. We can’t wait for people to hear this record live – we’ve played more sold out shows than ever in the last year, and the live set is sounding awesome! Its going to be so much fun to bring that to a different country. We can’t wait.

As we mentioned before, we have four shows in Spain during February to introduce the album: 19th in Murcia, 20th in Valencia, Madrid on the 26th & Barcelona on the 28th; more details here! :: click here!

We’ve got loads of other exciting stuff coming up too,
Talk soon!

Nial + Delos


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Hi all,
It’s a busy start to 2015, with loads to tell you about!

delorentos_itunes_FTN-2Firstly, our New Single, Forget the Numbers is now in the hands of radio DJs throughout Ireland & Spain.

The video for the song is once again being made by the fantastic Antoni Sendra and we’re looking forward to unveiling it in the coming weeks… as soon as we have it!

You can listen to it on Spotify >> HERE <<

We’re also very excited to announce that we’re returning to Spain in February to launch Night Becomes Light and play some shows. It feels like forever since we’ve been over and we can’t wait… We’ll be hanging about doing radio, tv, and little live things to let people know about the album! Here are the show dates so far..

19 FEB – Sala Garage Beat Club, Murcia.

26 FEB – Sala But (Ocho y Medio), Madrid.

28 FEB – Music Hall, Barcelona.


Finally, news just in, is that Night Becomes Light has been nominated for Meteor Choice Prize - Irish Album of the Year!

With so many great Irish albums this year from the likes of Hozier and Damien Rice, we’re really privileged to be included. It’s a massive lineup this year, Check out Una Mullally’s blog from the Irish Times Newspaper for the lowdown on all the nominees.

Meteor Choice nominations

We’ll have more info on further upcoming shows among other things… From Febuary we’re gonna start getting busy, So keep it here!

Delos x

@delorentos /