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We’ve had a busy month or two – with releasing Night Becomes Light in Mexico and gigging and touring around there in April. It was an incredible experience and thanks to everyone who came out to see us and gave us a listen! It was also a cool feeling to be a brand new band to people, that’s always cool, people are discovering you for the first time and getting into it. Thanks also to Caroline Records, Alvaro for looking after us, all the cool media folks we met, and Two Door Cinema Club for giving us a another gig out there!

You can watch our oscar winning* Tour diaries here:


Anyway, we’re already planning the return….

In the meantime, we’ve announced loads of Summer shows – Including Irish shows in June at Bandon Festival and Ravelóid 2016….


… and Spanish shows in Murchante (Festival Gradual), Alicante (EmDiv Fest), and Huesca (Polifonik Sound) across June…


Plus loads more over the Summer and much more to be announced! You can get all the ticket details on the sidebar over there >>>>

We’re gonna have some pretty exciting news in the next blog about the next two countries we’re releasing Night Becomes Light in in a few months… Any guesses? Any suggestions?

Other than that we’ve restocked the music on our Merch Shop (click here for merch shop) (wooo!) and put up loads of pics (click here for instagram)….

See you soon!
Kier // Delorentos


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We are really excited to announce we’ll be playing MORE SHOWS IN MEXICO, including a headline show in Mexico City and a show with Two Door Cinema Club in Guadalajara! This is especially poignant for us as the last show we played before we (briefly) broke up in 2009 was with Two Door Cinema Club in Belfast. Since then we’ve released 3 more albums, won the Choice Music Prize and have played in North America, all across Spain and Western Europe, as well as Russia! The fact that we are now touring in Mexico feels like a big achievement to us and we are immensely proud!

14/April: Foro IndieRocks, Mexico DF (tickets here)
16/April: Pal Norte, Monterrey (tickets here)
20/April: Teatro Estudio Cavaret, Zapopan, Guadalajara (tickets here)

We fly into Mexico City on April 13th, and will be playing our own show in Mexico DF on the 14th, Pal Norte Festival, Monterrey on the 16th and Guadalajara with TDCC on the 20th! We’ve been planning on coming to Mexico for years, ever since our pal BenShorts has been promoting our music over there (we bumped into each other at St. Patricks’ day in the Jameson Distillery YEARS ago!). We will make sure to share as much as possible what’s going on as it happens, and promise the shows will be worth the wait! In the meantime, we’ll be sending BenShorts some videos (and he’s sending some back) -you can keep an eye out for them on our (facebook) (twitter) or (instagram)

We’ve got some other really cool stuff coming up, including a new video, more Irish gig announcements, plus something very secret happening very soon.. keep an eye out!