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Couple of cool things to tell you about:

We’re looking forward to Festival Gradual, Murchante and Bandon Music Fest this weekend (a LOT of driving between those two places). They’re the start of the summer for us! Get in if you’re close! – Tickets


257418497dfa7a2.15196234We’re excited to announce three more fantastic Irish shows: we’ll also be back in Ireland for the Kilkenny Outdoor Festival July 23rd, Tralee’s 800 years Celebrations on June 17th and on the 14th August we’re at the Carrickmacross Arts Festival which will be awesome as we can practice our hurling (seriously)… we also go to Marbella 1/2nd July (BOOM) where we can practice our tanning plus we’re playing in SONARAMA (BOOM!) 12th August in Aranda de Duero (home of the famous Delorentos wine); It’s a busy busy summer. Get tickets for the Irish shows here: –Tickets

poster-small-a-724x1024On top of all that we’ve been working on tunes back and forth between each other, which is cool, and hopefully we’ll be getting into the groove of recording soon. The new songs are very young right now and must be encouraged and nurtured before they can have visitors..

Last month we said we’d let you know what two countries will be releasing Night Becomes Light next, here’s a hint: Das is splendid. We’ll be announcing lots in our next blog… 😉

facebook-live-logoIN THE MEANTIME, we’ll be hosting a special Facebook Live event on Friday evening live from Spain… so keep an eye on for details. We’ve never done one of these before, so drop in to give us a hand.

Also, We’re working on a bunch of different projects which we are excited to share with you, Níal is launching the new series of his podcast ‘The Weekly General Meeting” (click here to check it out) -past guests have included Villagers, James Vincent McMorrow, Tim Wheeler from Ash and Domhnall Gleeson! Kieran also made an appearance on a Podcast this week – on this week’s No Encore music podcast (click here to listen!).

Finally, JCeE7sXhWAAAjow1ust a quick note to say how sad we were to hear of the postponement of the Raveloid festival – A great idea and something we know we’ll be involved with again. It’s hard to get new festivals off the ground, but Raveloid always felt like it was interesting and different – They’ve now organised a smaller event in Dublin to keep the spirit of it intact – more details here.

Anyway thanks for reading, See you soon at a show – until then Adios and Slán abhaile!

+ Delos


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We’ve had a busy month or two – with releasing Night Becomes Light in Mexico and gigging and touring around there in April. It was an incredible experience and thanks to everyone who came out to see us and gave us a listen! It was also a cool feeling to be a brand new band to people, that’s always cool, people are discovering you for the first time and getting into it. Thanks also to Caroline Records, Alvaro for looking after us, all the cool media folks we met, and Two Door Cinema Club for giving us a another gig out there!

You can watch our oscar winning* Tour diaries here:


Anyway, we’re already planning the return….

In the meantime, we’ve announced loads of Summer shows – Including Irish shows in June at Bandon Festival and Ravelóid 2016….


… and Spanish shows in Murchante (Festival Gradual), Alicante (EmDiv Fest), and Huesca (Polifonik Sound) across June…


Plus loads more over the Summer and much more to be announced! You can get all the ticket details on the sidebar over there >>>>

We’re gonna have some pretty exciting news in the next blog about the next two countries we’re releasing Night Becomes Light in in a few months… Any guesses? Any suggestions?

Other than that we’ve restocked the music on our Merch Shop (click here for merch shop) (wooo!) and put up loads of pics (click here for instagram)….

See you soon!
Kier // Delorentos