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DELORENTOS - NIGHT BECOMES LIGHTNight Becomes Light: Released on October 10th!

We have three *free* all ages instores in Dublin:
Tower Records: 1pm Friday 10th Oct (Electric)
HMV, Henry St: 2.30 Sat 11th Oct (Acoustic)
HMV, Grafton St: 2 Sun 12th Oct (Acoustic)

We’ll also be chatting and signing if you’d like on the day…
It’s also time to get your tickets for the Autumn tour!

Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Oct 24th – Tickets:
Dolan’s, Limerick, Oct 25th –– Tickets:
Number 1 Bar, Mullingar, Oct 31st-Tickets:
Set Theatre, Kilkenny, Nov 1st – Tickets: / Rollercoaster Records
Spirit Store, Dundalk, Nov 6th – Tickets:
Shortts, Waterford, Nov 7th –– Tickets:
Kavanaghs, Portlaoise, Nov 8th – Tickets:
Roisin Dubh, Galway, Nov 14th – Tickets:
INEC, Killarney, Nov 15th — Tickets:
DeBarras, Clonakilty, Nov 20th – Tickets:
Walshes Yard, Mitchelstown, Nov 21st–Tickets:
Ballymaloe Grainstore, Shanagarry Nov 22nd–Tckts:
Vicar Street, Dublin, December 12th–Tickets:

See you there!


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We’re so happy to announce Night Becomes Light will be released on October 10th in Ireland! (International availability will be announced soon)


The tracklisting is as follows:
1. ‘Home Again’
2. ‘Show Me Love’
3. Forget the Numbers’
4. ‘Everybody Else Gets Wet’
5. ‘Too Late’
6. ‘Valley Where The Rivers Run’
7. ‘I Will Not Go’
8. ‘Fits (Too Drunk To Drive)’
9. ‘City Still Warm’
10. ‘Six Months To The Day’
11. ‘Dublin Love Song’

It’s been a exciting two years in the making, we’re very proud of it, we can’t wait for you to hear it!

We’re starting to get busy again, We’re on the cover of Hotpress this week (yes!!) and we performed on the Late Late Show on Friday night (watch the performance here).


On the weekend of release we’ll be doing 3 in-stores in Dublin (open to all ages!) :

Tower Records, Dawson St with TXFM (electric) – Friday 10th, 1pm
HMV, Henry St, (acoustic) – Saturday 11th, 2.30pm
HMV, Grafton Street, (acoustic) – Sunday 12th, 2pm

Come down and see a few tunes, we’ll be doing different sets each gig!

Keep an eye on the @delorentos on twitter and for details…
With the tour starting on the 24th in Cork and ending in Vicar St on December 12th it’s going to be busy… ;) check out all the shows >here< and get your tickets!