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As we get closer to Album 5 time (oh yes) we’re starting to get bold and busy.

Firstly, we’re delighted to present (ta-daaah):

Our new video for In The Moment, shot by the Crooked Gentlemen. Thanks guys!

It’s a simple song that means a lot to us, with a simple sentiment that bears repeat reminders. We hope you get something from it!

We’re currently in the bunker listening to mixes, tweaking artwork, arguing about tracklisting and edits, and hopefully, we’ll have a new album for you in a short time. If it’s as good as our Stockholm Syndrome says it is, you’re in for a treat. 🙂

We’ve also got a few gigs before the album is released – our Irish tour ( is onsale, and we’ve added a London date on St Patricks Weekend!

In Conjunction with The Irish Jam radio show, An Oiche Eile is a night of Alternative Irish Music in Hammersmith, London on March 16th. There’s limited availability so get your tickets here: 

It’s been a little while since we played London, so we’re excited to get back, and we promised we would with some new songs! It’s a cracking lineup too, so luckily alcohol isn’t something connected to gigs, music, or that weekend. (oh no).

In other big news we’ve announced our first summer festival, and of course, It’s in Spain. Where else? One of the first festivals we played en Espania was Polifonik Sound, and we’re so proud and happy to be invited back as headliners a few years later!!! It’s on in Barbastro, on the 22nd/23rd June and it’s perfect for a weekend away…

Tickets are here: – and you will not be disappointed. We have a lot of gigs and things to tell you about coming up, so keep an eye out.

We’ve also been announced for the excellent Indiependence 2018! In the fine county of Cork, on the 3-5th August. We’ve had some of our favourite festival experiences on Deer Farm in Mitchelstown, and we can’t wait to form some more. Plus, It’s an excellent lineup… Primal Scream!

You can get tickets and more info on while tickets are still available….

It’s nice to be back. (oh yes) 🙂



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Happy New Year!

We’re looking forward to a busy 2018… so we’re hitting the ground running with our brand new video for In Darkness We Feel Our Way!

Shot by Crooked Gentlemen films and featuring Jay Asolo (and Ro), it’s a treat for fans of Sunrises and Beaches! It’s also here on Spotify: Spotify link

In gig news, we’re proud to have been asked to curate a night at First Fortnight (Irelands Mental Health awareness festival) this Friday 12th. It’s on in the Workmans’ Club Dublin and features Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Farah Elle, and Pillow Queens, along with poetry from Tony Walsh, and Raneem, and opens with an acoustic set from us.

First Fortnight is all about challenging mental health stigma through creative arts, and our night is called “Therapy sessions“, so it’s pretty apt. Being in a band is sometimes a strain and test of your mental faculties, and from our perspective, anxiety and depression are widespread in our social circles and the creative arts. We have to challenge and change the stigma associated with all mental health issues, and the First Fortnight event is a festival that we are strongly behind! Get your tickets here: First Fortnight Tkts

The main recent buzz was playing Whelans, Dublin on New Year’s Eve, and that was a pretty great way to start the year – If you were there, thanks for sharing it with us, and if you weren’t, well, we’ll see you soon.

2018 is kinda our 11th year since our first album (hard to exactly count) and there’s a hell of a lot to happen during it… both personally and musically – we’re looking forward to sharing it with you! As ever, thank you for your support and we’ll see you soon. 🙂



Get gig tickets here for Irish April shows if you haven’t already!!!:

Pic by @redLesMarie